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NoWait by Yelp is here to help

It is officially season here in Panama City Beach, FL and the lines to get in ANY restaurant are anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours long.
We all hate waiting in line to eat when we are, simply put, HANGRY.
This app helps with all of that.
Simply download the yelp app below, select Dat Cajun Place and add your name to the list and select the time you plan to arrive!
When it gets close to your arrival time, the app will let you know that it is time to head into DCP. Once you arrive, just see the hostess, show them your phone with the app up and they will get you seated as soon as the table is ready. Sometimes, depending on customers already seated, the wait may be longer than the app suggests but it will be less than if you just walked in and put your name down. Give it a try and be sure to leave a review on your experience!

No wait for dat cajun place cafe. cut your wait time in half in panama city beach fl 32408


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